Choosing Bathroom Mirrors for a Remodeling Project

When the time comes to remodel a bathroom, one way to add a touch of luxury is by installing a great mirror. This crucial element is a focal point and will contribute a lot to the feeling and design aesthetic of the room. Those that are getting ready to re-do their bathroom should consider these options when choosing bathroom mirrors for the new space.

Framed Mirror

A very traditional and popular option is a framed bathroom mirror. This is seen in many restrooms. They can be elaborate and detailed if that is the style of choice. Some like a nice balance for just about any space and go with a simple frame that is a few inches wide and the texture isn’t as busy. It doesn’t need to overpower the actual vanity.

Pivot Mirror

Families that are looking for a little more flexibility may want to go with a pivot mirror. This type of mirror is installed on two hinged pivots. This allows it to be tilted up or down as needed. This is great when multiple people, of various heights, share a bathroom. They can adjust it as needed.

Lighted Mirror

Those that are all about the best lighting may lean towards a mirror that has built-in halogen bulbs. This is more common in contemporary homes or bathrooms that don’t have windows or access to natural light.

Medicine Cabinet

Homeowners that want the ultimate amount of storage space and also like keeping their countertops completely free of clutter may want to consider a hidden medicine cabinet mirror. This reflective surface is ideal for situations where the sink doesn’t have a vanity. The installation is relatively quick and easy since the cabinet can be mounted flush against the wall.

Wall to Wall

There is the option of bathroom wall mirrors. Some will use the mirror to fill the entire wall. This is a great way to make a smaller bathroom feel twice as big. The mirror can go wall to wall and even up to the ceiling if that is what is decided on. Another option is to simply is to extend if from the end of the vanity to the end of the closest fixture.

Vanity Mirrors

Some refer to bathroom vanity mirrors as makeup mirrors. It is usually a second mirror that is used along with a larger reflective surface. It is normally double sided and mounted to the wall with an adjustable hinge. It offers magnification which is ideal for applying cosmetics.

While this is a lot to consider there is a great amount of information available about bathroom mirrors. This will help with the tougher decisions like the size or dimensions as well as greater detail on the finishes. A lot of the options really just depend on the style and feel that the homeowner is going for. To get more information visit the website.


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